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Tiera Performs Cover Of Johnny Cash's "Ring Of Fire"

Tiera recently released her self-titled EP featuring a collaboration with Breland and her latest single "Not Your Girl." She stopped by The Bobby Bones Show to perform a cover of Johnny Cash, talk about her latest projects, and share her artist journey.

One of Tiera's first big moves in the country music industry was joining the singing competition show Real Country with judges Shania Twain, Jake Owen, and Travis Tritt. Tiera was asked to be on Twain's team, and she even won her episode. Though, Tiera did not end up winning the entire competition. Despite that, Tiera has kept in contact with Twain, noting that Twain has been great long after her time on the show by showing support of her music and support through social media.

Before moving to Nashville with her entire family, Tiera grew up in Alabama and told Bobby Bones that she used to play writer's rounds at the local Chick-fil-A. Since being in Nashville, she started working with Cameron Bedell, who was a co-writer on all but one of the songs on Tiera's new EP, plus he produced it. Tiera's single "Not Your Girl" was her way of sharing her truth. She wanted to show people that she "wasn't their girl" and they didn't have control over her. It was a song to show Tiera's perspective and showcase her career. She admitted that she was originally scared to write the song because she didn't want anyone thinking she was "crapping on them."

Tiera performed a cover of Johnny Cash's "Ring Of Fire," and her two original songs "Not Your Girl," and "Shut It Down."

Tiera gave us the exclusive first look at her one take music video for "Not Your Girl." As an independent artist, Tiera shared that her fiancé Kamren Kennedy does all of her content and this music video was no different. They didn't have a huge budget to spend on the video, and were able to come up with a brilliant vision for the video, "all the way down to the spotlight right in the middle of the room." They wanted the music video to match the empowering feeling of the song itself. Tiera said, "I just felt so confident singing 'Not Your Girl' right under that spotlight." Watch below the exclusive first look at Tiera's music video for "Not Your Girl."