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TMSG: 5-Year-Old Writes Letter Asking Mailman For Unicorn & He Delivers

5-year-old Alice got a sweet surprise from her local mailman after she asked him to deliver her a stuffed unicorn.

Alice's mother Melissa explained to ABC affiliate KOMO that the sweet encounter came to be because her daughter believes their local mailman is like Santa Claus because of his frequency in delivering packages. So Alice decided to write him a letter asking the mailman to bring her a unicorn. She wanted to demonstrate her love for unicorns, so she even drew a picture of the mythical creature in the letter.

Melissa didn't expect anything in return, especially because they had never even met their mailman. But a week later, Melissa and Alice were shocked to find a surprise waiting outside their home. The mailman followed through with Alice's request and left her a pink, stuffed unicorn, a unicorn puzzle, and a card. The note on the card read,

"Dear Alice, I spoke with the unicorn and we agreed her powers are too much for a little girl, but if you put enough love into this figure of her, she may come to life," signed, "The Mailman."

Photo: Getty Images