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Lunchbox Switched Outfits To Get Multiple Free Donuts From Krispy Kreme

Krispy Kreme was giving out their classic donuts turned green for St. Patrick's Day this past week. Lunchbox decided to see how many donuts he could get for free by changing his outfits each time.

The deal was that you had to show up to their store wearing green. Lunchbox first walked in to the store with a Christmas mask and got himself a free donut. Then he walked into the store with a camo hat on and a blue sweatshirt, and was able to still get himself a free donut. On his third time walking into the store, he had on a red and green plaid shirt on and said he had just got out of court, but the employee questioned him being in there for a third time. Still Lunchbox somehow got away with a third free donut. On his fourth time walking in, Lunchbox had on workout clothes and said he just got done working out. But it was on the fourth time that the employee had enough of Lunchbox trying to get free donuts. He recognized Lunchbox and his car and noted that he was just changing outfits.

Despite getting called out, Lunchbox was still able to get three free donuts out of the ordeal. He ate one himself, gave one to his wife and the other to one of his kids.