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TMSG: 100-Year-Old Beats COVID-19 & Sees Family For First Time In A Year

100-year-old Irma Prevette is a nursing home resident in Wake Forest, North Carolina. She hasn't been able to be in the same room or hug her family for over a year due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

That all changed when her family was able to surprise her with a 100th birthday celebration recently. Because of a decline in new COVID-19 cases at long-term care facilities in North Carolina, most facilities are allowing indoor visitations. Prevette already had COVID-19, beat it and now she is fully vaccinated.

Since all of the safety precautions were taken, her family was able to go see her and celebrate her 100th birthday with hugs and kisses and lots of tears. Prevette told ABC 11, "I just wanted to bust out and cry. I hadn't seem them in ages."

Photo: Getty Images