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TMSG: Nebraska Dog Rescue Reunites Iowa Woman W/ Dog Missing 100 Miles Away

A black lab and pit bull mix named Ivy and a Bernese mountain dog named Calypso managed to escape from a backyard in Iowa back on February 12th just as record cold weather temperatures were hitting.

Posts on local Facebook groups drove many searchers to look for the dogs, but it was 23 days before Ivy was found and caught. Ivy wasn't in town though, she was more than 100 miles away in Omaha, Nebraska. The trip that would take 90 minutes by car apparently took the dog several weeks. Ivy wasn't in good condition when she finally approached a human in Omaha looking for food. She weighed in at just 29 pounds, down from around 40 pounds.

The human Ivy approached worked with an animal control officer to lure her into a garage. The pup was taken to Nebraska Humane Society where she was then reunited with her owner and is being monitored by a veterinarian while she recovers.

Calypso, the Bernese mountain dog that escaped with Ivy, still has not been found.

Photo: Getty Images