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Lunchbox Got Some Proof About His & His Wife's Kissing Rule

During our "Made For You" segment earlier this week on The Bobby Bones Show, the show members were talking about the moment they realized their partner was "made for them" inspired by Jake Owen's song "Made For You." Lunchbox shared a story during this segment about how he knew his wife was the one.

While they were dating, Lunchbox said his wife would allow him to kiss other girls as long as he doesn't use tongue. It was because of this that Lunchbox thought his wife was for made for him because she was so laid back and let him be himself. Though, no one on the show believed that Lunchbox's wife actually let him do this. So Lunchbox brought proof to the show today.

Lunchbox brought audio of his wife confirming that they did indeed have a kissing rule while they were dating. She confirmed that she allowed him to kiss other girls as long as there wasn't any tongue. Again though the show argued that it was a short audio clip and not enough conversation to confirm Lunchbox's claims.