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Lunchbox Was Attacked By A Squirrel While Sitting On His Porch

Strange things happen to Lunchbox sometimes and this was definitely one of those moments.

Lunchbox was sitting on his porch FaceTiming his parents when he heard some bustling behind him on his fence. He thought that it was just his dog trying to get out of the fence. Moments later, Lunchbox sees two squirrels going at each other and makes eye contact with one of them. That's when the squirrel jumps on Lunchbox and then nose dives his computer. The squirrel then scrambled off.

He was freaking out after hearing from Bobby Bones that squirrels have these super strong jaws. So the entire time Lunchbox felt like his life was flashing before his eyes. Thankfully the squirrel didn't bite or do anything to Lunchbox, just jumped on him and attacked his computer.