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Phone Screener Abby Auditioned For 'American Idol' When She Was 16

Our Phone Screener Abby has mentioned on The Bobby Bones Show before that she originally moved to Nashville to pursue being an artist in country music.

She has pursued it on and off, but nothing ever came to fruition. Today on the show it was brought to Bobby Bones attention that when Abby was 16-years-old she auditioned for American Idol. She shared that she drove down to audition in Texas at AT&T Stadium. She went in with 4 other contestants and was asked to sing for 30 seconds and then step back. During the audition the ones moving forward were asked to step forward, and Abby wasn't one of those. She auditioned with the song "Somewhere Over The Rainbow."

The show convinced her to give them a little taste of her audition and sing "Somewhere Over The Rainbow."