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Amy's Pile: Pop-Tarts Is Releasing 3 New Pie Flavors

If you've ever been lucky enough to have Pop-Tarts in your life, then you've probably already established your favorite flavors. But Pop-Tarts just continues to keep stepping up their game in the name of flavors.

According to the product listings on the Meijer grocery store website, Pop-Tarts is dropping three new flavors: Peach Cobbler, Lemon Creme Pie, and Tropical Mango.

These new flavors will include the flavor in the filling as well as frosting on the top like all good Pop-Tarts do. The Peach Cobbler Pop-Tarts has a peach filling with an orange frosting layer on the outside and tiny brown sprinkles. The Lemon Cream Pie Pop-Tarts is filled with a lemony creme and then topped with yellow frosting and tiny brown sprinkles. The Tropical Mango Pop-Tarts flavor is a bit different. Likely the Pop-Tarts have a mango filling, but then they just have a mango flavored drizzle on the outside.

Since they are already on Meijer's website, we have to assume they will be releasing in other grocery stores soon.

Photo: Getty Images