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John Michael Montgomery Talks To Travis Denning About His Relationship

Travis Denning has one of the longest running songs on the country music chart. His song "After A Few" took several weeks before it finally made its way as a Denning's first number 1 hit as an artist. He stopped by The Bobby Bones Show to perform his newest single, plus the show surprised him with a call from girlfriend's dad, otherwise known as John Michael Montgomery.

Bobby Bones asked Denning to share the best and worst part about dating Madison and having John Michael Montgomery as her father. Denning admitted he likes that Madison understands his career and knows he will have to be out of town sometimes. When pressed about the worst part, he commented that whenever he speaks to Montgomery he's not sure if he can actually hear anything.

That's when Montgomery called into the show. All jokes aside, he likes Denning and doesn't think there is a better guy out there for his daughter. He admitted that he liked Denning from the beginning and knew he was raised well. The two often talk about fishing and they have an intense ping pong rivalry happening at the Montgomery household. Montgomery got to see Denning perform for the first time this past weekend. He had nothing but good things to say about Denning's performance and he believes that Denning is great at being a performer and engaging the crowd. When Bones asked Montgomery theoretically about someone asking for his daughter's hand, Montgomery joked that said person better do it in person and bring a bag of money.

Before jumping off the phone, Montgomery shared that the easiest song from him to perform now is his famous hit "Sold (The Grundy County Auction Incident)." Denning noted that one of his favorite country songs of all time is a Montgomery song "Letters From Home." Both Denning and Montgomery have a mutual love for the songwriter on that song.

Denning's latest single is "ABBY," and it's a huge fan favorite. Though the song is the first song Denning has recorded that he didn't write, Denning thought the song was great because of it's funny way to spin a breakup. Watch his performance of "ABBY" below!