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TMSG: Scuba Diver Finds Wedding Ring Lost During Marriage Ceremony

When bride Marlee Kent and groom Andrew Kent got married at Lake Tahoe, things were going perfect until a mishap with the wedding ring.

The two were about to exchange rings, the groom Andrew took the box holding the bride's Tiffany diamond ring. As he opened it, the ring fell through a crack in the dock they were getting married on. Unfortunately the ring didn't stay on the dock, it fell right into the lake beneath them.

The ceremony was paused as the couple frantically tried to come up with a plan to get it back. The minister had to convince the groom not to jump in after the ring because of the water's freezing temperatures. After the wedding, the couple went to Facebook with a plea for help and found Phill Abernathy, the founder of Tahoa Scuba Diving Facebook Page.

Abernathy went to work the next day and after 30 minutes of moving rocks, he found the wedding ring. Marlee Kent said, "We have a memory of a lifetime."

Photo: Getty Images