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TMSG:High School Janitor Who'd Been Walking To Work, Surprised With New Car

Samuel James has been a high school custodian at Citronelle High School in Alabama for the past 13 years and was recently surprised with a big gift by his coworkers.

He's been traveling to work by foot after the engine blew on his car. He told Principal Randy Campbell that he was saving up to buy a new car but in the meantime had to walk to work. Campbell was talking with one of his teachers Deborah Pippin, who happened to be looking to give their family's Toyota Highlander SUV to someone who needed it.

Immediately Campbell thought of James. So the principal and teacher came together to gift the car to James and shared a video of the special moment on their Facebook page. For Pippin, keeping the car close was a perfect solution, as the vehicle has sentimental value to their family. She told WALA, "I just can't think of somebody better to be able to give it to, and it's going to be very special to see him have it."

Photo: Getty Images