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Lunchbox Raps & Sings His Orders While Going Through Drive-Thrus

Country artist Craig Morgan has been making all kinds of TikTok videos and a recent video showed him singing his order in a drive-thru Starbucks. So Lunchbox decided to give it a try. He went to a few drive-thrus in Nashville rapping and singing his orders.

First up he went to White Castle and he sang his order asking for a small shrimp nibbler, and also sang that they better not forget his small fry. The White Castle employee said Lunchbox made everyone smile with his attempt at singing. Then he went to Starbucks and rapped his order asking for a hot chocolate venti and told them to keep "the whip for the next broski" and said he "drops rhymes all the time." The Starbucks employee said that Lunchbox has bars and laughed at his rapping.

The Bobby Bones Show crew didn't hate on Lunchbox's performances though, everyone couldn't stop laughing at his attempts and the employees responses.