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Lunchbox Thinks The Electric Company Owes Him Money After Power Outage

Nashville has had some terrible weather over the last several days with historic rainfall resulting in flash flooding. Lunchbox was one of the people impacted by the storms, thankfully his house didn't have any damage but his area of town lost their power.

Lunchbox had just recently purchased $200 worth of groceries for his family when the storm hit and then they lost their power for 18 hours. It wasn't until the next day when their power was finally restored. Lunchbox thinks that the electric company didn't do their job quick enough to get their power restored, and that's why they ended up losing their brand new groceries. So he believes the electric company should have to reimburse him for his lost groceries. Though no one on The Bobby Bones Show agreed with Lunchbox since the storm was an "Act of God" and not the electric company's fault.