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Raymundo Threw Away His COVID Vaccine Card

People are going out every day now to get their COVID vaccines.

Raymundo went to a town outside of Nashville to get his first dose of the COVID vaccine a few weeks back. When he went to get his second dose, they weren't able to give it to him. Turns out Raymundo did something he wasn't supposed to after getting his first dose. Raymundo threw away the vaccine card he was given after the first done. He thought the card was basically just a doctor's note with some random things written on it. He didn't think he would need it so he threw it in the trash by the clinic where he got the shot.

So when Raymundo went to get his second dose, they asked him for his vaccine card to show proof of his first dose. Since he couldn't hand over the vaccine card, he wasn't able to get his second dose. So now he either has to go track down his vaccine card or go out to the location outside of Nashville to find another solution before he can get his second dose.