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Bobby Needs Help Naming The Signature Drink At His Wedding

During The Bobby Bones Show today (March 30), Bobby Bones shared some updates on his wedding to his fiancé Caitlin happening later this year.

Bones admitted that he's been forgetting to invite people to his wedding. The other day Caitlin asked if he made sure to invite some specific individuals and Bones totally thought he did, but they never sent them the wedding invitations. He also shared that they've been working on choosing their signature drinks for the big day. Since Bones hasn't ever had alcohol, he's a big fan of mocktails. He chose to have a mocktail for his signature drink and it's one of his favorites, a Shirley Temple. The drink is traditionally made with ginger ale and a splash of grenadine, garnished with a maraschino cherry. For those that would like alcohol in it, they would have a Dirty Shirley by adding some vodka.

He needs some help with what to name his signature drink, he's thought about Bobby's Temple and Dirty Bobby, but hasn't officially decided on a name. He asked for listeners to send in some suggestions!