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Eddie's Son's Friend Broke His iPad At School, Then The Parents Responded

Eddie shared an update on one of his kids and a recent school situation.

On The Bobby Bones Show today (March 31), Eddie shared that one of his son's took his iPad to school for some of his school work. During class, he let one of his friends borrow his iPad. That friend ended up dropping the iPad and broke the screen. When Eddie's son told Eddie about the situation, Eddie was heated almost instantly. Though he noted that it wasn't his son's fault, he just wasn't sure how he was going to handle things. He wanted to call the parents of his son's friend and ask them to replace the iPad.

Eddie's wife calmed him down and told him they shouldn't call the child's parents, and they should just let it go. But hours later, Eddie received an email from his son's friend's father. The father let Eddie know that his child told him what had happened and they wanted to replace Eddie's son's iPad.