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Brett Eldredge Is Working On New Music: "I'm Heavy Into It"

Brett Eldredge has been busy living up his best life lately doing all the self-care things possible while at home due to the pandemic. He recently celebrated a birthday, and he's been posting all about a positive movement inspired by one of his recent songs. He stopped by The Bobby Bones Show to help us celebrate Bobby's birthday with a performance and fun conversation.

While at home and not on the road touring because of the pandemic, Eldredge has picked up a lot of hobbies that have made life easier on him. Routine has become a big thing for Eldredge, he starts every morning with meditation, stretching, journaling and a hike. He says meditation has been really huge for him in dealing with his anxieties. He encourages others with anxiety to try out meditation because it's been a way for him to quiet his mind. For his recent birthday celebration he spent the day hiking, eating dinner with his family, and ending the evening with a fire. As for some fun hobbies he's picked up, he admitted that he's been playing Call Of Duty some. He especially played a lot of it at the beginning of quarantine with Shay Mooney from Dan + Shay. They would often play for hours, and what started as a video game friendship turned into a close friendship between Eldredge and Mooney.

Despite not being on tour, Eldredge is still a massive country star and he's often always recognized while out in public. He confessed the weirdest place he'd ever been recognized was at church. It was the morning after his single "Drunk On Your Love" went number 1. He was out the night before celebrating and was notably hungover at church and didn't feel great. He left during the middle of the service and needed to go outside for a break when someone followed him to the bathroom and wanted to take a picture together. Eldredge was a good sport and ultimately took the photo, but he vividly remembers not feeling well during it. He also brought up the moment where he received the best piece of advice from an artist. Eldredge was at the Grand Ole Opry for his debut and Bill Anderson told him, "Make sure you appreciate every moment while you're in it, because when I was coming up, I was always worried about the next thing. You gotta have that drive, but appreciate the amazing things going on."

Eldredge's recent single "Good Day" inspired him and his team to create the "Good Day Movement" where they inspire fans to do good things with the help of positive challenges on social media. Eldredge loves it because he believes in anything to lift somebody up, he added "You never know when somebody needs it." Before going into his performance, Eldredge briefly mentioned that he is definitely working on some new music right now and he's "heavy into it."

Watch Brett Eldredge perform an acoustic version of "Good Day" on The Bobby Bones Show here.