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Lunchbox Attempted To Guess Whose Hand He Was Holding For Money

The Bobby Bones Show likes to do some challenges, specifically when it comes to Lunchbox trying to win money. Lunchbox is all about "making business deals, tryna get that money!" So Bobby Bones had Lunchbox do the Hand Holding challenge.

Lunchbox was blindfolded and sat up on the stage in the studio. Bobby, Eddie, and Morgan2 all walked up to hold Lunchbox's hand at random times. All Lunchbox needed to do was name whose hand he was holding at the time. For each person he got right, he got $5. Then for each person he got wrong, he would lose money. Lunchbox ended up being really good at holding hands and nailed every single person's hand correctly. He didn't even get to the point of holding Amy's hand because he nailed Bobby, Eddie, and Morgan2's hands so quickly.

Just for holding hands, Lunchbox walked away $20 richer.