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Lilly Bumpus Talks About Beating The Girl Scout Cookie Sales Record

8-year-old Lilly Bumpus of California was recently in the news for breaking the Girl Scout cookie selling record. She sold the most boxes of Girl Scout cookies ever in one season at 32,484 boxes. Bumpus herself is a survivor of the childhood cancer known as Ewing's sarcoma. She and her mom Trish stopped by The Bobby Bones Show to share about her recent accomplishment.

Trish shared that they never knew there was such a thing as a cookie record. Originally Lily's goal was to sell 5,000 boxes at the beginning of the season so that she could go to Fiji and Australia for free with the other Girl Scouts. She was able to accomplish that goal in the pre-selling stage. Then she told her mother she wanted to continue selling to help the homeless, so she sought out to sell 10,000 more boxes. After she hit the second goal, she just kept reaching and setting more goals. She shared that with Bumpus fighting cancer in her early years, as a family they've fought to have fun moments like this with Bumpus.

The Girl Scout Bumpus surpassed with the previous record, Charlotte, used her box sells to help her community as well. Bumpus never thought anything like this would happen. She confessed it was really cool to see people all over the world buy from her. When Bones asked her how she was able to sell so many, she admitted that she did a lot of deliveries and set up a booth in front of her house. She also sold online, which really helped. Bumpus also went to big businesses around the area like car dealerships and asked if anyone wanted to buy from her while also sharing her story. She said "It's so awesome!" to see all of the people donating through her cause. People from all 50 states and other countries ended up purchasing cookies from Bumpus. Now those cookies are being sent out to hospitals, homeless centers and troops overseas.

To celebrate hitting the record, Bumpus had a little surprise party. Some of her friends came over and there was confetti, balloons and cake.