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Bobby Announced Another One Of His Groomsmen

Every day Bobby Bones shares a mailbag story always featuring a story from a listener that sent it in. But during today's Bobby's mailbag, Bones shared a personal story about a situation with a friend's mailman and he revealed another one of his groomsmen.

Bones shared that he sent a watch to one of his groomsmen, Ahmad, in the mail. He has been dealing with USPS because the watch said delivered, but Ahmad hasn't received it. This was the first time Bones revealed another one of his groomsmen for his wedding to fiancé Caitlin later this year. The wedding is set for sometime in the summer and Bones has shared three of his groomsmen. Eddie is his best man, Arkansas Keith is a groomsmen, and now Ahmad is added to the list.

This could be the end of Bones announced groomsmen, or he could still have a few more announcements up his sleeve.