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Jason Aldean Would Love To Collaborate With Post Malone On Country Project

Jason Aldean just announced his first live show since the pandemic hit over a year ago. He stopped by The Bobby Bones Show to talk about the big announcement, his best piece of marriage advice and if they are going to have more kids, plus his interest in Post Malone's music.

Recently announced, Aldean is set to play at the Bonnaroo Farm in Manchester, TN for two nights in May. The show is happening May 14th and May 15th, and told Bobby Bones he plans to play "We Back" as his first song when he hits the stage. He added, "It's been a long year for artists and crew members, this is the glimmer of hope we all need." Aldean says they plan to make sure that his shows are safe. He said that it's each and every one of his fans prerogative to get the coronavirus vaccine, but regardless of his fans' decisions, he wants to make sure his shows are safe for everyone to attend.

In talking about his style of music, Aldean said his sound has musical influences across the board including Rock & Roll, Southern Rock, and Country. And when asked about Post Malone putting out a country record, Aldean said he'd be 100% open to collaborating for it. He added that he "likes anything that's cool." Aldean said Malone is one of those artists for him that he just loves everything he puts out. Aldean's such a big fan, he made sure to be at Malone's Nashville concert.

Recently, Aldean celebrated 6 years of marriage with his wife Brittany. When asked about the key to a healthy marriage, Aldean couldn't say enough about communication. He shared that they talk about everything and are truly best friends. They also make sure to never go too long without seeing each other, the longest is typically 2 weeks. He made sure to add that he has no plans of reversing his vasectomy, saying "No. After 4 kids? No way."