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TMSG: Bride & Groom Stop Wedding Photos To Help Man Hit By Car

A bride and groom are being praised for their actions after pausing their wedding photos to help a man that was hit by a car.

Detention Deputy Taylor Rafferty and her husband Deputy Chris Rafferty are law enforcement officers with the Marion County Sheriff's Office in Florida. While getting their photo taken as bride and groom with their wedding party, a man was struck by a car. The party, fully dressed in their wedding attire, responded and rendered aid to the man who had been injured.

One of the bridesmaids held the man's head while Rafferty directed traffic. The viral Facebook post shared, "When you choose a career in law enforcement, you choose to never truly by off duty because anything can happy at any moment. Unfortunately, danger and tragedy don't take breaks, so even on your days off a law enforcement's officer's duty is to protect and serve."

Thankfully the man was not severely injured and after he was transported by medics, the events of the wedding proceeded.

Photo: Getty Images