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TMSG: Stray Dog Finds New Home With Beloved Unicorn Toy After Going Viral

The viral dog known as Sisu has officially found his forever home!

Sisu famously went viral a few weeks back when he was caught multiple times darting into a Dollar General store in North Carolina with just one mission. He was trying to take a pink and purple plush unicorn toy. Joe Newburn of Duplin County Animal Services told People Magazine, "He went straight for the unicorn, the same one every time."

Employees at the store ultimately called animal services to handle the situation. Officer Samantha Lane came to pick up Sisu and made sure to purchase the unicorn to keep Sisu company at the shelter. Sisu and the unicorn even got to have a fun photoshoot at the shelter.

In even more heartwarming news, Sisu has now been adopted! Animal services announced the good news last Friday.

Photo: Getty Images