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Collective Anxiety. Puzzles. Hope. Move Inclusive Dance.

 Licensed therapist & host of You Need Therapy Podcast, Kathryn DeFatta (@kat.defatta) is back this week to guest host all 4 things! FIRST THING: Kat talks about collective anxiety and how we don’t always need a reason to feel less than normal these days. SECOND THING: Kat shares one way to help cope with the extra anxiety we may be facing, PUZZLES! Kat explains how puzzles affect our brain. THIRD THING: Kat watched a new Netflix movie that reminded her how important it is to find what she calls, “Little pockets of hope.” We know how much Amy loves gratitude and here Kat talks about why that is so important when it comes to our mental health. Kat also shares one of her top 5 therapy stories. FOURTH THING: Kat invited her friend and founder of Move Inclusive Dance, Lauren Beasley to talk about how to find healing through movement, specifically dance. MOVE Inclusive Dance is a nonprofit dance studio headquartered in Nashville, Tennessee. It is an inclusive space that empowers individuals of all ability levels to learn life skills through the power of movement and music while providing a nurturing, inviting community for all. 

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