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Lunchbox Tried To Buy A Vaccine Card From Pharmacy

Lunchbox decided to prank call a pharmacy to find out if he could get himself a vaccine card by just paying for it.

There's a lot of talk around the COVID vaccines right now, especially the vaccine cards that people are showing off online. There's talk of having to show your vaccine card to be able to do various things post-pandemic. And there's also been talk about being able to buy "real" vaccine cards online to fake like you've had the vaccine, even if you actually haven't. So Lunchbox wanted to see if he could just purchase a vaccine card from a local pharmacy.

When he called, the pharmacist wasn't having any part of it. Lunchbox explained what he wanted to happen and that he was willing to pay $100 for a vaccine card, but the pharmacist got offended and immediately told him no. He said there's no way he would be doing that and he didn't think anyone else would be willing to do that either. He hung up the phone without any more conversation.