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The First Line Of Lyrics In Jordan Davis' "Almost Maybes" Is A True Story

Bobby Bones has been exploring individuals accounts on the video app Cameo. He stumbled on to country artist Jordan Davis' account and noticed he was selling his Cameo videos for $100 a piece. He brought him on The Bobby Bones Show today (April 11) to find out why the videos were priced so high and to discuss his latest single "Almost Maybes."

Davis shared that he's actually on Cameo to benefit charities. They started his account on Cameo to raise money and give all the proceeds to the relief efforts with the hurricane that hit South Louisiana. Since starting it for the Louisiana hurricane relief efforts, they now give any further proceeds to whatever charity they feel needs some financial help. With each video costing $100, Davis said that he hasn't ever made a dime off of his Cameos. He added that he would never ask fans to pay him that much for videos if it was going in his pocket, "Especially after the time we've been going through, I'd never do that to the fans." He has since not had a lot of Cameo requests, but shared that he was doing several when the hurricane hit.

It wasn't all talk about Cameo though, Davis also shared what he studied in college and a fun fact about his latest single. He didn't always plan to become an artist, he went to college at LSU and got his Environmental Science Degree, majoring in Resource Conservation. As for his latest single, Davis confessed that the first line of lyrics in the song are 100% true. The line that goes: "I had one saying we were done // In a Baton Rouge college bar // It kinda came out of nowhere // Man, I took that one pretty hard." He added that it was Bogie's Bar in Baton Rouge where he got dumped and it wasn't a fun experience.