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TMSG: Dog Groomer Helped Save Pet Owner's Life

Things went awry when a dog owner didn't show up to pick up their dog from a grooming appointment at PetSmart.

A PetSmart groomer noticed that one of their regulars had failed to pick up his dog from his regularly scheduled grooming appointment. When the dog owner had dropped off the dog, they noted that everything was normal. But for him to not come back for his dog, was not normal. They had attempted to contact the dog's owner but didn't have any luck.

So they reached out to Animal Control Officer Kisha Witherspoon, who Nebraska Humane Society said became concerned about the owner and noticed Investigator Misty Binau. That's when Binau went to the owner's home and didn't receive a response. She called the police, who were able to finally get into the dog owner's home. The dog owner was found lying in distress after suffering a medical episode.

Nebraska Humane Society shared a happy update that Lola is "freshly groomed" and "with family members as her owner gets the medical attention he needed."

Photo: Getty Images