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TMSG: NY State Trooper Rescues 2-Year-Old From Stream

A 2-year-old girl disappeared into the woods in South Bristol, New York. After her family was unable to find her, they called authorities for help.

Trooper Brian Hotchkiss was one of the authorities that responded to the call. After about an hour of searching, he spotted her from a mountain peak. He noticed a pink dot among all of the grey in the stream. It was the young girl in her winter coat. After about 15 minutes of climbing through trees, Trooper Hotchkiss found the stream, followed it all the way to the little girl.

She was laying on her stomach on a rock, he called her name and ran over to her. Her arm moved and that's when Trooper Hotchkiss knew she was alive. He told the local news, "My heart just dropped. She hugged me immediately and wouldn't let go."

The toddler was taken to a hospital for a checkup. She was cold, but thankfully doing fine.

Photo: Getty Images