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TMSG: Teen Saves Boy Injured From ATV Accident Caught On TikTok

TikTok has been a great source of entertainment for many during the pandemic, but it turns out the video platform may be beneficial for more than just that.

12-year-old Trent Jarrett was live-streaming his high-speed ATV ride in West Virginia on TikTok. Then his vehicle suddenly crashed and the camera started tumbling. Fortunately, New Hampshire teen Caden Cotnoir was watching the livestream when it all went down.

Jarrett was gasping for air and requesting help from 911. He asked anyone watching to dial a 10-digit number that he kept repeating, in hopes someone would be willing to help. That's when Cotnoir immediately jumped into action. He showed the video to his parents for assistance. His stepfather, who is the police chief in Gilmanton, New Hampshire, helped Cotnoir write down the number and get it called to let them know the situation.

The phone call successfully got Cotnoir in contact with Jarrett's parents, who were then able to find their son and the ATV accident within 20 minutes. Thankful, Jarrett and his family called Cotnoir back to thank him for jumping into action and helping save his life.

Photo: Getty Images