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Fast-Food Employees Are Sharing The Underrated Items On Their Menus

Everyone has their go-to fast-food order. There's so many fast-food places with so many options, but there's stuff on the menu (or on *secret* menus) that several have never tried.

Reddit user u/Dewaska asked fast-food employees to share the best thing on their restaurant's menu that no one ever orders. Some of the things include Apple Pie from Popeyes, MexiMelt from Taco Bell, Loaded Grilled Cheese at Five Guys, Creamy Pepper Sauce from Whataburger, Frosty Float at Wendy's, and Chicken and Waffles at McDonald's. Here's some of the best responses and check out the full list of items on Reddit here.

McDonald's: Chicken and Waffles Breakfast, Neopolitan Shake, and McDouble Hack

Taco Bell: Bean Burrito, MexiMelt, Grilled Steak Soft Taco "Fresco-Style," Cheesy Gordita Crunch, and Enchirito

Wendy's: A side of melted cheese, and a Frosty Float

Photo: Getty Images