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The Bobby Bones Show Shares Their Worst Fears

A news story came out about a snake being trapped in a woman's car, and Bobby Bones Show listeners know that snakes are Lunchbox's worst fear. He is beyond afraid of them and wants absolutely nothing to do with them. So this snake story inspired us all to share our worst fears.

The show's worst fears are all across the board, with some of the members thinking other show members' fears are a little strange. We've got fears, intruders, snakes, alligators, and being choked. Some of these fears are normal for other people to have, while others aren't necessarily the stereotypical fears.

  • Bobby's Fear: Heights
  • Lunchbox's Fear: Snakes
  • Eddie's Fear: Intruders
  • Raymundo's Fear: Alligators
  • Morgan2's Fear: Someone Choking Her