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Bobby Won't Ever Do This One Thing When He Travels

Bobby Bones has been traveling a lot for work lately. He's been going out to California for filming of American Idol, plus he just finished filming for the first season of his TV show Breaking Bobby Bones. All of the filming means he has to travel to a lot of different places for the filming locations.

During The Bobby Bones Show today (April 15), Bones admitted something that he will never do when he travels. He doesn't like to check a bag, because he admitted that he doesn't like waiting for the bag after a long day of travel. He added that he won't do this to the extent that he shipped some of his clothes from Los Angeles back to Nashville via mail in two boxes so that he didn't have to check his bag. He confessed that he believes it's more efficient because after a long 4 hour flight from Los Angeles to Nashville, the last thing he wants to do is stand around waiting for his bag. He just wants to get home.

However, some may argue that his method of bags is a little bit strange. He asked listeners to debate what he does and let him know their thoughts on our Facebook page.