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TMSG: Teen Saves Drowning Toddler During Spring Break Trip In Florida

13-year-old Kaydence Henslee from New Mexico was down in Florida for spring break with her family when she became a hero.

Henslee and her sisters were spending time at their Holiday Inn Resort pool when she noticed a toddler floating face down in the deep end. She was scared, but despite her fear, she intuitively dove into the water and pulled the child out.

She got the child out of the pool and someone came up to give her CPR while Henslee called 911. The child was identified as three-year-old Haven from Missouri and her mom had just stepped away from the pool for a few minutes. There was some miscommunication about which family member was keeping an eye on the little girl.

Haven was rushed to the hospital, but is ok. The two families are now bonded thanks to Henslee saving the young girl.

Photo: Getty Images