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Amy is Back!! Update on Life + Answering Your Emails (5th Thing)

 Amy’s BFF Meri (@TheShopForward) joins Amy for her return episode (after being gone for 2 weeks following the passing of her dad). This is Amy’s ‘5th Thing’ (a bonus episode). ‘4 Things With Amy Brown’ comes out every Thursday, but on Tuesdays Amy shares emails from you guys and answers questions y’all have sent in. On today’s episode Amy & Meri address: the loss of Amy’s dad & the recent Rachel Hollis drama, how to tell someone that you don’t appreciate “diet culture” rhetoric, how it feels to turn 40-years-old, and using gratitude to bond with your friends (which also leads into Amy & Meri’s new @ShopEspwa ‘cool mom’ line - for more on that hit up or - especially if you have some Mother’s Day shopping to do!)

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