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Baha Men Respond To Being At The Top Of Bobby's Dumbest Hits List

During The Bobby Bones Show (April 19) Bobby Bones shared a list he put together of the dumbest hits of all time.

The list caused some controversy with listeners, because his list included some people's longtime favorites. But at the top of the list was Baha Men's biggest hit "Who Let The Dogs Out?" This was Lunchbox's favorite song from years back and Bones put it at number 1 on his list of dumbest hits of all time. Bones admitted that the song was good, but songs could be good and stupid at the same time.

Turns out Baha Men did not appreciate that they were at the top of this list. They quoted the tweet with them at the top of the list saying "YOU write a song that pays the bills for the next 20 years then, @mrbobbybones."

Photo: Getty Images