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Fire Chief Heard About His Department In TMSG, Called In To Say Thanks

Each morning, The Bobby Bones Show shares three different 'Tell Me Something Good' stories during the show. The segment is meant to bring some positive vibes to otherwise a constant stream of daunting news stories.

During the show this morning (April 21), our first caller of the day was Fire Chief Robert. He called in to share that he heard Amy talking about a Tell Me Something Good story that he believed mentioned his Fire Department. As it turns out, he was the Fire Chief of the team that helped save a family's Guinea Pigs. The story came out of Indiana about a 10-year-old girl who heard a sound coming from her garage. She alerted her family, and thankfully they were all able to get out of their house in time because there was a fire. Unfortunately, they forget their family pets. The Huntertown Fire Department showed up and were able to successfully save the family's two Guinea Pigs: S'mores and Scarlett.

Fire Chief Robert's team was the one who showed up to save the Guinea Pigs and he called into the show to thank the team for talking about the story. He had no idea the story made national news. He gave the show chills when he talked about saving the family's pets,

"At first we didn't know if there was much hope. But we still have to try. Because if anything the family can have closure if it wasn't successful. When we found them, and found out they were alive... the tears of joy that were running down these little girls' faces and the dad hooting and hollering, screaming at the top of his lungs out of excitement... you know it might just be Guinea Pigs to someone else, but for that family it was everything. That's why we do what we do."