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Waitress Offended Lunchbox So He Decided Not To Tip

Lunchbox recently had an incident at a restaurant in Nashville that offended him and caused him to change up his tipping game.

During The Bobby Bones Show today (April 22), Lunchbox shared that he went out to eat on a patio with his wife in Nashville. They ordered from the front and then sat down to wait for their food. Lunchbox had ordered a seasonal salad and his wife ordered a burger. When their food was delivered to the table, the waitress automatically gave Lunchbox the burger and his wife the salad. When Lunchbox pointed out that he had the salad and his wife had the burger, the waitress admitted that she just assumed he had the burger.

Lunchbox was offended that she assumed anything about their order. He said that didn't need to happen and they should never assume one person has something over another, specifically a male with a burger and a female with a salad. Because of the situation, Lunchbox decided to tip less than he normally does. The other show members didn't agree with tipping less, but agreed that it was a bit odd to assume and to note out loud her assumptions.