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Lunchbox & Morgan2 Slap Each Other With Tortillas While Playing Trivia

Lunchbox and Morgan2 have been posting videos together of random TikTok dances and challenges for the past several weeks.

The two of them have tackled popular dances like remaking the popular "Fake ID" dance in Footloose, done challenges that involve answering nostalgic movie questions and testing their balance, and even a really egg-filled April Fools Prank. The videos are across the board, but one thing is for sure they're definitely having a lot of fun making them. And listeners of The Bobby Bones Show really seem to enjoy the "dynamic duo they never knew they needed."

Their latest video shows them answering movie trivia, but not just any old trivia. Tortilla Trivia. If they get the trivia question incorrect, the other person gets to slap them with a tortilla. The Tortilla Trivia was inspired by another TikTok user who posted about slapping tortillas. Watch above they ask questions and get way too much enjoyment out of slapping each other with tortillas.