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TMSG: Police Officers Save Baby's Life After He Was Born At Home

Two police officers are to thank for saving a baby's life after he was born at home with some complications.

At around 2:30 a.m., Sasha Jackson started having contractions two days before their son Nico's due date. Her husband Michael quickly began grabbing stuff for the hospital, however within minutes and two pushes, Nico came into the world in the couple's bathroom.

Sasha recalled to news outlet WABC, "The head I delivered myself. The rest of the body, thankfully my husband was there for that."

Following Nico's arrival, Wood-Ridge Police Officers Mike Mueller and Rob Cangialosi showed up at the home and recognized Nico was in need of medical attention. Nico was blue, so officer Mueller wrapped him up in a blanket and asked Cangialosi for a bulb syringe. His color started coming back, and he was breathing again. After that, they tied Nico's umbilical cord with Michael's shoelace before getting the family to the hospital.

Days later, the officers returned to the Jacksons' home with gifts for Nico and his older brother, Luca. Cangialosi told WABC, "As long as the family is healthy, baby is healthy, it's a good day for us."

Photo: Getty Images