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TMSG: Donor Uses $1K Dogecoin Earnings To Pay Adoption Fees At Pet Shelter

An anonymous donor used his Dogecoin earnings for something really awesome.

The donor, dubbed Doge Community, won big with cryptocurrency Dogecoin and put $1,000 of those funs toward adoption fees at the Halifax Humane Society in Daytona Beach, Florida. The money was able to cover adoption fees for 21 dogs. The donor themselves didn't adopt a dog, but according to the Humane Society they were a huge dog lover and wanted to do something ood with the money.

The shelter's Community Outreach Director Barry Kukes told PEOPLE, "Many adopters that day were unaware that the adoption had already been paid, but decided to pay it forward and gave the adoption fee as a donation as well."

To add even more heartwarming feels, the donation came at a time of need for Halifax Humane Society as they had just taken in 42 dogs from a suspected dog-fighting ring and were in a tight space to take in more animals.

Photo: Getty Images