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Bobby Bones On If He Plans To Have A "First Look" At His Wedding

Bobby Bones and his fiancé Caitlin's wedding is fast approaching. In the coming months the two will be sharing vows, but before then fans are asking him to share some details about their wedding.

Listeners have frequently been asking questions on The Bobby Bones Show social media pages about Bones wedding, but one question in particular keeps popping up. They want to know if Bones and Caitlin plan to have a "first look" at their wedding as some couples do. A "first look" happens with just the bride and groom in a private moment and is captured by the wedding's photographer/videographer rather than the groom seeing the bride for the first time as she walks down the aisle.

Bones shared that he didn't want to have a first look. So the first time he will see Caitlin will be when she walks down the aisle. He also confessed that he's a little afraid of crying during the ceremony. They are each writing their own vows and Bones is afraid when he shares his then he will start crying.