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One Of The Guy's On The Show Has To Carry A Purse For The Next Week

Harry Styles is a trendsetter and is often doing a lot of fashion things before everyone else catches on. In the latest GQ Magazine, Harry makes a case for why men should start carrying handbags.

The story from Styles inspired a conversation on The Bobby Bones Show that turned into a challenge. All of the guys on the show which included Bobby, Eddie, Lunchbox, Raymundo, Mike D, and Scuba Steve had their names put into a hat for a drawing. Whoever was the last person's name picked out of the hat has to sport a brown handbag for a full week. If they're caught without the handbag, they get charged a $100 fine.

Mike D is the one who proposed the segment and as it turns out, he is the one who now has to carry the purse for a week. We had several listeners call in about their husbands and some men themselves sharing how awesome it is to have a "murse," otherwise known as a Man Purse.