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Dean Morris Didn't Read Full 'Breaking Bad' Script So He Could Watch As Fan

Dean Norris is a famous actor, wildly known by many for his role in Breaking Bad. He is on a new called United States Of Al that he came on The Bobby Bones Show to talk all about, plus share some stories about his other acting roles including his one in Breaking Bad.

United States Of Al is polar opposite of Breaking Bad, the show is a comedy sitcom. Norris shared he wanted to go as different as possible from doing a serious drama show and this show was the perfect fit for it. The show is about a military veteran, whose Marine son comes home with some PTSD and his interpreter. They live with him as well as his adult daughter. The show has serious undertones, but they deal with everything in a comical manner. With a show like this, Norris admitted there are a lot of times they crack on set. And while most of the time they stick to the script, there are some moments where they get to ad lib or pitch their own jokes to the show's writers. If the joke works, it will stay. Norris confessed that doesn't happen often though.

Norris is famously known for his acting role in Breaking Bad. He shared that it took a lot of time for the show to actually get bought by a network, because at the time the plot of the story was so crazy. Of course it did get bought and the show saw a lot of success. Some fans wonder how Norris would always nail his lines so perfectly, and he admitted that memorizing lines for him was never difficult. He would often get the full scripts, but he would not read certain parts of it that way he could also watch the show as a fan when it came on TV every week. It wasn't until towards the end of the series that the scripts started coming with parts blacked out so that the plot wouldn't get leaked before it aired.

Although it seems the role as Hank was a perfect fit for Norris, he shared that he had to audition for the role on Breaking Bad. Though, he didn't have to for his role on United States Of Al. He added that the auditions for TV shows and movie roles look exactly like they do in the movies where you sit in a room with several other people and just read lines. Norris didn't always plan to act though, he was Valedictorian of his class in high school and then went on to graduate from Harvard. He was the first person in his entire family to go to college, let alone a school like Harvard.