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Lunchbox Called The Waitress Who Offended Him & Told Her Why He Tipped Less

Last week Lunchbox brought a segment to the show after something happened at a restaurant in town.

Lunchbox was offended after his waitress at a restaurant in Nashville assumed that his wife had his food - the salad, and he had her food - the burger. When she came to give them their food, they automatically sat the burger and salad down in front of the wrong person. When Lunchbox noted that wasn't who ordered what, the waitress had said out loud that she just assumed that's who got what. Lunchbox was offended by the situation and because of it decided to tip less.

When the show talked about it, they told him he should have let the waitress know what was up so she was at least aware to do better next time. Because not only did the waitress get tipped less, but she had no idea why.

Well, today (April 29) Lunchbox was bold enough to call the restaurant, ask for the waitress and tell her on the phone about the incident. Since everyone said he needed to give her the feedback, he did... after the fact. The phone call was of course super awkward. The waitress listened to what Lunchbox had to say and was taken back by the fact he called after it all went down to tell her. Then her voice raised and she gave him the entire speech about why it's important to tip wait staff due to their incredibly low hourly rate and the fact that most of them have to live off of tips.