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Two Show Members Won't Be Going To Mike D & His Fiancé Kelsey's Wedding

Mike D and his fiancé Kelsey are getting married in about one month in Texas! Mike D shared during the Bobby Bones Show today (April 30) the latest wedding update for them as well as who all plans to be at the wedding.

During his wedding update, Mike D confessed that he's really nervous. Although he's not nervous to marry his bride Kelsey, he's just nervous about the wedding in general. There isn't much time left for guests to RSVP and they are heading to get their marriage license in Texas in the next week. Things are getting finalized and everyone on the show is excited to head to Texas to watch the two of them get married.

However, there are two show members that won't be in attendance: Scuba Steve and Raymundo. We found out during Mike D's update today that everyone else on the show is going to be there besides the two of them. Though Raymundo didn't really say why he wouldn't be there besides saying planes, transportation, and needing to be at the office to run the show while everyone's gone. Though several of the other show members gave him ways to go.