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Morgan2 Goes Viral For Doing Handstand Into Her Jeep

Morgan2 has been trying all kinds of challenges ever since she got a TikTok a few months ago. Most of the challenges include dances with Lunchbox, but a recent one she did by herself went viral.

"The Jeep Challenge" has been circulating TikTok where Jeep owners do a handstand into the driver's side window to get into the jeep, rather than opening the door and getting in. The challenge is just meant to be something funny for Jeep owners to give a try, mostly because Jeeps can take just about anything you do to them without messing up the car itself. Morgan2 decided to give it a try. She posted her challenge video on TikTok and her Facebook page where she is seen making three attempts. The first attempt she get's stuck and Hillary (who filmed it) has to help her out. The second attempt she accidentally throws sand that was on her hands into the air. And then the third attempt Morgan2 actually makes it into her Jeep.

Morgan2 doing the Jeep Challenge went viral via her Facebook Post. It's had over a million views and thousands of shares, majority coming from other Jeep owners and Jeep lovers.