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TMSG: A Chihuahua With Hilarious Adoption Ad Goes Viral, Gets Adopted

A dog's hilarious adoption ad stole the Internet's heart.

Earlier this month, a neurotic Chihuahua named Prancer was posted online with a hilariously honest adoption ad. His foster mom, Tyfanee Fortuna in New Jersey wrote a post about the pup that went viral. She shared that she was happy to foster Prancer, but the time had to come to free her family from the "demonic Chihuahua hellscape" that was "neurotic, man hating, animal hating, and children hating."

Basically the post was sharing that Prancer only liked women and nothing else. Though his positive traits included being loyal, obedient, housebroken and mellow when left alone. And he even occasionally "smiles" when he's happy.

With Fortuna's post going viral, Prancer had several adoption applications put in via Second Chance Pet Adoption League. They found a forever home for the interesting pup who was a perfect match.

Photo: Getty Images