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TMSG: Postal Worker Is A Hero After Saving Public Works Employee's Life

A mail carrier in Connecticut is being hailed a hero after he saved a fellow community worker's life.

Edward Bomba was helping direct traffic while his crew was fixing a road. During that job, his heart shut down and was on the ground convulsing. That's when USPS postal worker, Robert Dillon saw him and rushed over to help. Dillon started chest compressions until help arrived.

Bomba was put on a ventilator for three days and is doing better now, he credits Dillon for being the one to save his life. His wife Lisa Bomba told News 8, "People don't survive what he went through." With Bomba adding, "I was blue, I was gone."

Dillon shared that he once had a medical emergency and no one helped him for 20 minutes. So he vowed to always help others in similar situations.

Photo: Getty Images