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Lunchbox Called Locksmith To Theoretically Break Into Kid's Locked Diary

For a few weeks now Eddie has been debating opening up his 7-year-old's locked diary on The Bobby Bones Show.

Eddie has always believed there are no secrets in his house and then he found out about his son's 7-year-old locked diary. Out of curiosity, he wanted to open it up. However most of the show members and listeners encouraged Eddie to not do that because it would break his kid's trust with him. Eddie admitted that he has come to the decision to not open up the diary.

In case a parent really wants to open up a diary without asking their kids, Lunchbox called a Locksmith to see if they could theoretically help him get into his child's locked diary. During the call, the locksmith offered up some advice sharing that he's a dad and wouldn't break into his kid's diary, especially a 7-year-old who probably wasn't writing anything exciting in it. However, Lunchbox told the Locksmith that he's not a therapist and still wants to have him come break into the diary. The Locksmith upped the price by $50, but said he would come out and do it for about $300.